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Hot/ Hotter/ The Hottest/ Double Compartive/ The most 2.using most without the 3. Wind/ Gas/ Break Wing/ Belch/ Fart/ Short-winded 4. Aches/ Pains 5.violent/ Intense/ Grinding/ Dull/ Sharp/ Prickling/ Pins and Needles/ Stabbing/ Knife-like/ Splitting1. Look Up/ Cheer Up / Ligthen Up / Down Town / Uptown1. Removers of distinction/ Competing with better products/ Drug abuse/ Aniti-Drug1. Vertigo/ Dizzy/ Giddy/ Woozy/ Swimming head/ Faint/ Conscious/ Unconscious 3. Proud / Pride / Arrogant / Arrogance / Conceited / Conceit 4. Racial Prejuice / Racial Bigotry / Cinaman / Chinamang / Chink / C****y / Chow / Paddy / Pigtail / Riceman1. On behalf of / In behalf of / As a representative of / In the interest of / 3. Desses, em 896 casos (22%) houve reconhecimento do direito e determinação para entrega dos dados.O levantamento informa também que, em alguns casos, a CGU conseguiu aumentar o nível de transparência das entidades, como quando determinou acesso à lista nominal dos membros de conselhos de administração de empresas públicas e de sociedades de economia mista controladas direta ou indiretamente pela União. Rasp/ Berry/ Raspberry/ Strawberry/ Basically/ Technically 3. Oxford/ Longman/ Neutral Vowel/ Purpose/ Poland/ Moment/ Surplus/ Contain/ Comfort/ Cupboard/ Considerate 2. Due/ Do you/ Did you/ Would you/ Could you/ During 2. Contribute/ distribute/ distributor/ distribution/ exhibition/ exhibit/ exhibitor/ exhibition1.

Afraid/ Charming/ Pleasing/ Cheerful/ Frightful/ Able/ Empty 4. Belch/ Burp/ Stuffy nose/ Nasal Discharge/ Snot/ Running nose/ Snott1. Bowels/ Vowels/ Motions/ Diarrhoea/ Constipation 3. Singular number / Plural number / Ten Years / Fifty thousand dollars / Ten inches of rain 2. Because you may have the same experience with some of the people in the movies since it is so close to our everyday life. It is quite a pity you have a good story but don't know how to tell.But I just feel it could have been a better movie around the topic cyber love. Alice/ Agnes/ Iris/ Janet/ Janette/ Helen/ Helene/ Helena/ Louis/ Louise/ Caroline 2. Dynasty/ Private/ Privacy/ Mall/ Super/ Supermarket 4. I am an old boy of ABC/ I studied there 7 years ago/ Get away from there/ I live near here/ I am in here 2. Hard/ How/ Hit/ Him/ His/ Who/ Have/ Give him his coat/ Those who have finsihed may go 3. Wax/ Ear/ Ears/ In one ear and out the other/ I am up to my ears in work/ I will play it by ear 3. Challenge/ Mass/ Travel/ Fastastic/ Charity/ Class/ Classical/ Classify/ Pass/ Passive1. I am one of those who cannot describe what they do not see. Week/ Month/ Year/ Yesterday/ Tomorrow/ Adverb of time/ I am going to London on Wednesday/ In September/ Next Wednesday 3. Influenza/ Flu/ I was down with flu/ Plague/ Plaque/ Tartar 4.

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