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Thanks to publicity in and appearances on a few television shows Operation Match continued to grow. By 1968 Operation Match had solicited more a million respondents and mail was coming from colleges nationwide. Eventually Operation Match (and its parent company Compatibility Research Inc.) were bought up by investors who used the technology to match up college roommates.

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I see you have tried this and it didn’t work for you. (I bet you used to beat up the little MR kids in school.

Common, you still laugh about it at night too, don’t cha? ” R they no longer aloud to express how they really feel about a subject?

i believe what she said was the truth and you had no right to tell her different. well i for one think that it is pathetic for you to tease on a 15 year old for simply posting her opinion.

I agree if that is the whole number, but I am sure can boast at LEAST several thousand as could Yahoo personals and any of the dozen other internet dating sites. How many of the millions of internet dating users are the ultra super picky type who will never find their perfect person (because he/she doesn’t exist)?

How many sign up and then never visit the site again? When you factor all the people someone may have dated in high school and collage and after before they found the person they wanted to marry I bet most people are running at less then a 20% success rate even without the internet to help them.

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