Daily beast app not updating

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When a new challenge is added, if the list exceeds the maximum number of allowed challenges, the oldest challenge is removed from the list.Additionally, it is not possible to gain a challenge in any skill that has an existing challenge in the list.Note: If the player completes the challenge but allows it to expire, they will NOT be rewarded for their efforts.If a member's first login of the day is into a free-to-play world, if they receive a challenge in a members' skill, it would be appropriate to the capped level (5) instead.

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In cases where multiple skills are involved, such as with combat, players will be given a Challenge XP Lamp from which to choose which skill to earn experience in.

Once pinned, the challenge system tracks the player's completion progress.

Progress will continue to be tracked even if the challenge has been unpinned.

First, one new Daily Challenge is assigned to the player each day, regardless if the player logs in.

Second, the Daily Challenge assigned is different for every player.

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