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Senior commanders are known to have worn white cloaks and plumes.

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Mercenary or irregular fighters could also develop their own fashions, which set them apart from civilians, but were not really uniforms.While some auxiliary cohorts in the late Roman period had carried shields with distinctive colours or designs, there is no evidence that any one Roman legion was distinguished from another by features other than the numbers on the leather covers protecting their shields.The regular thematic (provincial) and Tagmata (central) troops of the Byzantine Empire (East Roman) are the first known soldiers to have had what would now be considered regimental or unit identification.Orders of military monks such as the Knights Templar or Hospitaler wore mantles respectively of white (with red crosses on the shoulder) or black (with white crosses) over the usual pattern of armour for their periods.In the later part of the Medieval period instances of standardised clothing being issued for particular campaigns began to occur.

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