Spirit dating

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Trying to lead without truly perceiving the other person isn't really leading at all. At that point, four of my siblings had already married. Fear results from not knowing and relying on the voice of God.Think of the Israelite spies: They saw giants and strongholds, and shrank back. Men and women I know who are pursuing God's best without a life partner bring incredible creativity, joy and truth to me and those around them. During an altar time at church, a trusted pastoral voice had spoken things about a future relationship that resonated as a promise.

The path forward wasn't just learning what to do, but discovering more of who I am in Christ. Despite the fact that I had previously lived in cities that seemed better suited to my intentions to get to know a quality Christian woman — Dallas, Tulsa and Colorado Springs — I remained hopeful. with two things on my mind: taking advantage of a promising career opportunity and finding a woman to spend my life with.I remember tagging along with a girl on a road trip to return her car to the family ranch.She did not reciprocate my feelings, but I chose not to see this.

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