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I can’t imagine its the hemp seeds because I throw those babies on everything…any advice you have is welcome! This was this first time I had ever made dressing by myself, and it turned out great :) My only alterations were that I swapped the garlic for ginger, and didn’t add and salt.

I also made this in my mini food processor rather than a blender! I don’t know if I’m going crazy here, but it sort of tastes like one of the beef burgers my mom used to make.

So I grew it in my organic garden this year so I have plenty to experiment with – thanks for this delicious recipe, I’ll try it out this week :) Reply Ooh yes I love delicata squash! I am always on the search for a good way to make my office lunch salads more filling and add some nutritional value to them. Reply We have hundreds of pounds of delicata squash at our farm right now. And, unfortunately, I can’t digest cauliflower (which was my other thought). Reply If you blend olive oil and honey (if you eat honey) together, they will emulsify and froth up.

And I totally agree with you on the dressing – I always take photos of my salads without it on first, because it just looks super messy afterwards! I recently made a creamy ginger dressing with chickpeas as the base (the link is E2 if you want to check it out), which I thought was pretty darn good but I really like the hemp idea! Reply I keep seeing these squash at the farmers market and I dont know what to do with them. Now I can finally get some :) I think I screwed up the lemon tahini dressing (too much nutritional yeast maybe? They are overlapping with the last of our tomatoes and lettuce. I would definitely start out with an olive oil or equivalent base, and balance it with, vinegar and/or citrus.

Actually, I had a third trimester brain fog and forgot to add the nutritional yeast, which was why I made it (trying out nutritional yeast recipes for galactalogues after the birth), LOL. Reply I LOVE this dressing, the taste is perfect, the consistency, I love that it has protein and omegas, and best of all I love how easy it is. How long would you say this is good in the fridge for?! I haven’t made the salad yet but I have made the dressing a few times and it’s always SO DELICIOUS!

It’s my go to dressing and I use it as a dip for vegan nuggets, veggies, or oven-fried oyster mushrooms.

I love the dressing, has a lil tang and so much better than store bought dressing. Spent the morning roasting my beautiful delicata squash–my first experience with these–and they’re delicious. Love the combo of sweet-ish squash with the lemony-cheesiness (nutritional yeast) of the dressing. I am going to play with adding dried garlic instead of fresh to get it a little closer to Ranch. This dressing is delicious but, like a previous commenter noted, it is bitter.

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Not that I eat sesame seeds all that often, but there’s nothing like a good tahini/lemon dressing.

But as it was a new recipe, I stuck to it and I am glad I did (except for the more generous garlic portion). Hempseeds are not cheap to buy, but given their nutritional value and fantastic taste, are still worth buying.

One hour after eatin my wonderful colorful salad, I still have the good taste of the salad dressing in my mouth. From now on, my delicata squashes will not sit in the cold room any longer. Reply My husband and I are in LOVE with this dressing!

Your story, approach, authenticity and variety is amazing. I cannot eat wheat also and your recipes have been phenomenal. Jo-Anne Reply First of all, delicata squash is my new FAVORITE!!!!!!!!

And as a fellow photography enthusiast, your pictures of food are to die for! I am so excited to make soups again with this Fall weather starting. Thank you again for all your hard work to make these recipes so yummy. The flavor is really unbeatable and I love being able to eat the skin.

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