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There is no shortage of diversity efforts for women, but the often unspoken problem is that where diversity efforts run into the shoals is this one thorny area: sex.

Goldman, like other firms, has codified policies on how the sexes should handle conflicts: in the cases of both dating and sexual harassment, incidents and entanglements have to be reported to the boss.

And the same factors that create Goldman’s cadre of internal marriages—long hours, a shared employer and career—have also generated some divorces.

On the other hand, there are situations where the relationship between the sexes is not so fraught.

It’s not easy, but neither is it impossible—at least not yet.The hothouse airlessness of most investment banking culture, with its 15-hour days and shared travel arrangements, inevitably leads to stretched boundaries.At one white-shoe law firm recently, a cluster of affairs was discovered by accident, according to a source familiar with the situation.It’s a God that requires frequent confessionals, as one senior banker there explains: “There is a culture at Goldman which is very strong and clear, which is: it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you own up to them right away.” The firm’s dating protocols—by all accounts little-known—don’t ban dating within the firm but instead require employees to disclose their relationships to their direct manager, who can contact what one alum wryly calls “ the inappropriate-behavior SWAT team.”By all accounts, this is taken seriously.In the discrimination lawsuit, for instance, the Goldman banker alleged to have groped a 26-year-old associate reported it himself to human resources the next day.

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