Dating sneek

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January We had been married for 30 years and our lives were pretty much routine and average.We had a nice simple house, big yard, two dogs, a cat, and were very much like every other house in the neighbourhood.” she asked while we drove downtown to our traditional Christmas dinner.“I would like to shed our roles of husband and wife and give myself to be used by you for your pleasure without any expectations of what I would get” I said. I may be unhappy if I could not help you to achieve your pleasures.She reviewed my list and asked if anything that was not on the list was then allowable?

If I wanted to go on with this gift, she would start it on New Years Eve when the New Year began at midnight.I created a list of fantasies that I have had about offering my services to a beautiful woman.The things that I was not receptive to included anything that had to do with children, was illegal, would prevent me from earning a living, or would embarrass people not involved with our lifestyle.Then she asked the big question, what if I disagree with her?I said that my gift was to surrender to her judgment.

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