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She'd spend the rest of the night naked, or clad in latex, leather or lingerie, servicing the rest of whatever batch of thugs he'd lined up for the evening. She couldn't tell if he was being social or hitting on her and didn't care. There was no space in her life for any more complication. She felt his body go limp and fall backward against the wall. The room was quiet except for the man's rapid and shallow breathing.She made it to her desk and collapsed into her chair, put her head on her desk and immediately fell asleep. Bates." Diane raised her head, felt a trickle of drool slip between her lips. Diane pulled her head back and licked his shaft clean, then the tops of his thighs. When she was finished, she leaned back on her heels and crossed her hands at the small of her back again. Excellently done, Diane." She recognized the voice, it was John. The hands on her shoulders massaged her gently, she let herself relax. Her work over the last three weeks had been slipping, shoddy. There was no way she could maintain all three of her lives at the same time, something had to give. If she couldn't eat, she could at least get by on caffeine. She was out on the floor now with the clerks and research team. Her life was falling apart and there was nothing she could do about it. Lars pulling up outside the building, the limousine that would take her to tonight's assignment waiting and stocked with booze and toys. It had become second nature after her first few punishments for speaking out of turn. The sound of metal clicking - someone was unlocking a door. Something in his mouth muffled the sound, but it was definitely a male voice. Someone pushed their toe into the back of her knee and she knelt obediently. Diane cringed, felt a flush of humiliation and felt her nipples swell at the same time. "Did you finish the paperwork," he calmly continued. Vader had never liked her since she transferred into his office just under two years ago and now he had reason to press harder. She stood up and grabbed the coffee, gulped it down. I haven't been sleeping well..." she scrambled, trying to find some kind of story that would make sense. She heard metal grating against metal, then the men moved her forward again. When they got to the bottom of the steps, she felt the ground soft underneath her boots. She wanted to ask but knew that she was expected to remain silent. A musky smell she recognized instantly - sweat and leather. She remembered how often she'd smelled this way during a session. "I...just, would like us to move this along." "Oh, please, don't hurry on my account," Bailey said. They'd done their work quickly overnight, thanks to the Internet, most of it was easy to get to. She moved herself around in front of him and dropped into a squat, pulling his cock out of his pants and putting it into her mouth. Then, he showed her a list of names - her family and friends - their addresses, photos, names of employers. With a motion that was becoming more and more natural, she slid her hand across his body and found his zipper. I just need," she pleaded, "ten more minutes, ten more minutes? She'd been in the game long enough to keep a few templates around just in case and she prayed that it was good enough this time. I've made another enemy, she thought, eyes welling up again. Then, she ran down the hall and grabbed it, stapled it together and ran to Vader's office. "Things have changed just a little bit." He removed his hand. "Oh, this I have to see." He let out another laugh and walked away. She took a copy of Mitchell's last statement and another she was working for another customer and merged some bits, producing a workable document. She pushed the thought out of her head and finished the paperwork, sent it to the printer. As she swung her leg outward, she felt Lars' hand on her knee.

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"I want our new guy to work on this with you." Vader hit a buzzer on his desk. He used the videotapes of her as teasers for his clients, then provided the real thing to them when they came to town. " Diane's eyes turned and saw the look on his face.. "Why don't you let me walk you out of the building." She stood up, weak kneed and afraid. It was the look of a ravenous wolf, about to pounce on his prey. Rodrigo was still in his office, furiously punching numbers into his computer. He pressed the DOWN elevator button and they waited in silence. "You've kept him waiting nearly twenty minutes." Bailey turned his head, just enough to catch her eye. He runs a pretty tight ship." Diane swallowed hard. Even though the relationship between her and Lars was consensual, he was a consummate player, he would have to act upset even if he was not. Bailey flicked another switch and the room was plunged into darkness. Diane moved her tongue along the bottom of his shaft, rocked her head back and forth and felt Bailey's body go rigid as he unloaded into her mouth. She picked it up and pulled it on, pushing her hair up underneath it. He punched a short message, then set the phone down on the seat next to him. The things were not dangerous - he wouldn't allow that - but there were things that even he considered pushing the limits. He licked his lips, then pressed the button for the intercom. We have a change of destination." He punched a number into the intercom. He pushed the phone aside with his toe, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He rubbed his eyes hard with his knuckles, then sat up, leaned forward and took her hands. "How is it..." "Shut up and leave me alone," she barked, then spun around. The two men escorting her talked casually about this weekend's basketball game, ignoring her completely. "I'll just bet you haven't," he spit out each word deliberately, each one cutting into her like a knife. While she was typing, Rodrigo stuck his head over their shared wall. "Here we go," she said in the most chipper voice she could muster. "It's better if you don't know." ========== Diane felt herself getting more and more nervous as she was led through the house and down a flight of stairs. When someone smelled sex in the air, nobody ever said anything. And this better be the last time." He gave her a crushing, condescending look and turned and walked away. When they reached the bottom of the steps, they stopped. She felt a chill against her face and smelled dampness in the air.She'd barely have time to run into the lobby bathrooom and "freshen up" before she had to show up for her morning staff meeting. Rodrigo lurched aside and jumped back into his cubicle. Diane opened wide and took both of his balls between her lips and into her mouth, letting them roll on her tongue. She slid her hand down his shaft and he came immediately, spurting cum onto the helmet and goggles and all over her hand.

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