Perceptions dating infidelity scale

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Religious involvement and health over time: Predictive effects in a national sample of African Americans.

Cheating is one of the most detrimental behaviors for the survival of a relationship.

Even the that a partner may be cheating is also extremely detrimental. Therefore, it is important to know how one's partner views cheating and what behavior they believe violate the terms of a committed relationship.

There was, however, a significant difference between those who had been cheated on by a partner and those who had not: Those who had been cheated on before were much more likely to view their partner’s behaviors with others as cheating. This measure assessed the subjects’ attitudes toward different behaviors that may constitute cheating.Sample behaviors include dancing with someone other than your partner, dating someone other than your partner, etc.Reversing the situation, 53.7 percent of the sample reported being cheated on by a romantic partner and 46.3 percent reported never having been cheated on.Of those who had experienced infidelity, 78.4 percent had knowledge that they had been cheated on approximately one to four times.

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