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Also Word's function requires you to select from the list or you can type just the first letter of the style.If that does not find the style, you have to scroll down to locate it. Reset End If End Sub Sub Clear Text Within Brackets() ' Removes char style / formatting within brackets, deletes the brackets Application.

The usual warning, backup your document before you run the macro. I have retested the macro above and do not have that problem but if you do, then you might want to try an alternative macro that was posted at Windows by Paul Edstein, Microsoft Word MVP. Click in the field below and then press CTRL C to add the code to the clipboard. When you import a Word document into Robo Help, the mapping dialog will show all the styles available in the document.The dialog doesn't do anything more than the standard Find and Replace, it just makes it a lot quicker.Word's Find and Replace function requires ten clicks before the operation starts whereas this requires one click to display the dialog box, then select the two styles and one more click to start the operation.Click on any link below to download the required zip file. In your printed documentation, you may have something like Figure 1 which is fine for anyone viewing the document on a PC. They have to go to the Table of Contents and locate "Program Access".Depending on your operating system and security settings, you will either be prompted to save the zip file or your zip application (e.g. They can click the hyperlink and see Program Access. Now thanks to Hans V, a long term supporter of Woody's Lounge, the macro below will amend your document so that it reads as shown in Figure 2.

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