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During the holy month of Ramadan, eating, drinking, smoking is forbidden between sunrise and sunset, and non-Muslims are expected to follow this principle in public as well.Again, western-style hotels are an exception and have facilities to cater for non-Muslims during this time, but strictly speaking it is illegal, so if you carry-on like an idiot when they throw the book at you it might be the Qu'oran.

After knowing you for a bit, the criminal will ask to Skype you, then show a fake video of a woman.

Taking photos of government buildings which have signs prohibiting photography is an extremely bad move, very illegal and can lead to imprisonment, fines and general unpleasantness.

Any form of hobby that involves cameras, binoculars or telescopes may well be misunderstood by military or police officials if practiced anywhere near a government building, military site or airport.

Photography is a hobby you have to be very careful with in the UAE.

Taking photos of people (particularly women) you haven't met before and who haven't given you their permission is illegal and can lead to arrest or fines.

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