Who trina dating now

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Well it seems success is helping him out with the ladies now. Trina is almost double Gervonta’s age being she is 38 years old and he is only 22.Trina is currently filming Love and Hip Hop Miami which she is the star off.

While the ‘rapstress’ has always been known for her provocative yet feministic lyrics, she is expected to get a little more personal on her new album that is set to drop in April. Like many Braxton family meetings, the introduction took place at a restaurant.Obviously, meeting your girlfriend’s four sisters and her mother at one time can be quite overwhelming, but Jacent appears to handle the first encounter like a pro.“I feel like Jacent and I are walking into a lion’s den,” said Trina. ” At the time the episode was filmed, Trina was still tying up loose ends and making final decisions regarding her divorce from Gabe. Peep the preview below and let us know your thoughts on Trina’s new bae.“I know there’s going to be a million and one questions and comments, and it’s making me so nervous.

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