Ghanaian dating women answer biblical dating

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We realize that our approach and our frankness will rankle some social scientists, including some serious and well-intentioned rape investigators.But many facts point to the conclusion that rape is, in its very essence, a sexual act.whether grasshopper or gorilla, German or Ghanaian.has evolved to produce healthy children that will survive to pass along their parents. The mechanics of the phenomenon are simple: animals born without traits that led to reproduction died out, whereas the ones that reproduced the most succeeded in conveying their genes to posterity.

She had trouble sleeping, eating and concentrating on her work.In 1975 the feminist writer Susan Brownmiller asserted that rape is motivated not by lust but by the urge to control and dominate. Rape is viewed as an unnatural behavior that has nothing to do with sex, and one that has no corollary in the animal world.Undoubtedly, individual rapists may have a variety of motivations.But it is further roiled by strong ideological currents.Many social theorists view rape not only as an ugly crime but as a symptom of an unhealthy society, in which men fear and disrespect women. All men feel sexual desire, the theory goes, but not all men rape.

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