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Find some algorithm to find correlations of pixels on left and right images for each horizontal pixel line. There are algorithms that produce accurate results and they tend to be slow and often are not suitable for realtime applications.For my first tests, I did experiment with the MATLAB code for dense and stereo matching and dense optical flow of Abhijit S.

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All remaining 30 were rushed to nearby hospitals, with 20 in an 'extremely critical or very serious condition' (Pictured, police officers work on a crime scene after eight people believed to be illegal immigrants were found dead on Sunday morning)The people inside the tractor-trailer were found in the early hours of Sunday morning after one of them approached a Walmart worker in the store parking lot and asked for some water.

Officials will not release the identities or alienage of victims until relatives can be notified,' the statement read in part.

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Ogale and Justin Domke whose great work is available as open-source C library (Open Vis3D).

Running time for my test image was about 4 seconds (1.3 GHz Pentium PC).4.

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