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even anger you because you'll quickly realize how you've been misinformed and lied to by the fitness industry.

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And if you or someone you love is suffering from low testosterone... In the adult male, SREs (Sleep Related Erections) are linked to levels of testosterone, with testosterone production also peaking during REM sleep.

Do you know what will strike fear into the heart of every man? Nope, it's that moment you begin to feel inadequate as a man and realize that over the last few years (or decade) you’re less energetic, you've lost control, you're “fatter,” less muscular, you don't feel manly like you did in your 20’s when you see yourself in the mirror, and even worse—you have no idea who this "man" is staring back at you. What you'll discover today is a new solution that has shamed the most esteemed fitness experts and trainers in the fitness industry.

Imagine putting an end to suffering when building muscle and losing fat while increasing testosterone naturally WITHOUT dangerous drugs. Here's the story: For quite a while, all the doctors believed that as we age, testosterone replacement therapy would magically make everything better...

And before you start thinking to yourself…NO, testosterone boosters sold at your local supplement shop does not do a DAMN thing. The truth of the matter is, are these medical treatments and test boosters REALLY safe?

Remember…drugs NEVER get to the root cause of a problem -- instead, drugs are always a "band aid" that simply masks your symptoms and causes problematic side effects over time.

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    That’s not to say we might not have some amends to make at some point, but at least something positive can come from all that pain. (Admittedly, it took a lot of frustration working with “flaky” buyers to realize this was a good investment of both our time.) We’d sit down and I’d ask them a bunch of personal, but relevant, questions and then we’d go over every quality they wanted in a home—location, style, features, ideal age etc.

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    I vet and monitor all profiles so it's a safe place to meet single Christians online. Our free Christian singles site is Christian owned and not-for-profit as I experienced myself the issues Christians face meeting single men and women at church.

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    Melissa is passionate about helping singles meet their “special someone”.

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