Infp dating estp

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If the conflict is directed at you, you often shut down.Coming up with strategies for dealing with disagreements, and finding your voice in conflict, would serve you well into the future.

ESTPYou occasionally debate for sport among your friends, but you dislike emotionally fueled arguments.ENTJIf something is important to you, you have an opinion on it — and you’re always positive it’s the right one.When it comes to arguments, you’re equally as sure, and are usually stuck in your own POV, needing to “win” before the issue is settled.ESFPYou lead with that go-with-the-flow nature, but you often end up in arguments simply because you are direct and matter-of-fact about what you believe.You are never afraid to speak up if you disagree, especially as it relates to causes you feel strongly for or the people you love. When you fight: When someone disagrees with your values.

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