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Really useful for linking banners, newsletter, e-mails or landingpages. If you want to give the area a rectangle format, mark it as shape="rect" into HTML and set two (left-top and right-bottom) coordinate-pairs.

Imagemaps are one of the best ways to add multiple links. Coordinates are pixel-values seperated with a comma and have an alignment from the left upper corner of the image.

Don’t just blab about how great you (surely) are; go with a ratio of stuff about you to what you’re seeking.

For example, from the study: “genuine, attractive, outgoing, professional female, good sense of humor, into keeping fit, socializing, music and travel, seeks like-minded, good-natured guy to share quality times.” Feel free to copy and paste that, if it fits the bill.

Adrian is 36 years old and Adrian Grenier girlfriend is a decade younger than him, only 26 years old.It appears that they both have known each other for some time, before they decoded to become something more than just friends, because Adrian Grenier girlfriend has interviewed him a couple of years ago, when he was releasing his documentary Teenage Paparazoo.Adrian Grenier has a few famous actresses on his list of exes.Example: For each area you can set links as attribute href="This free image-mapping tool let you create the coordinates directly by clicking into the image - no programming knowledge required. It's also important to link the using usemap-attribute within the image.

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