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And it’s the same if the driver wants to find out the traffic reports.But the really big issue with On Star comes from a worry about “Big Brother”.I’m going to try not to bore readers a great deal on the specifics of On Star.What I want to talk about is if this concept really works.The less miles you drive, the bigger your discount is, according to a General Motors press release.

That would certainly help lower car thefts as well as keep insurance premiums low.

This is especially critical when you are traveling at highway speeds, where taking your eyes off the road for a split second to fumble with a navigation system, read a newspaper, dial a phone, etc. Speaking of safety, the Emergency Services offered should make On Star important enough to subscribe.

Having the comfort to know that if you are involved in an accident, help will be sent whether you call for it or not.

They gave you a locker key attached to an elastic strap that you wore around your ankle.

The men’s lockers were in the basement, it was always cold and damp down there on the concrete floor.

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