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This project will continue a race survey initiated in 2011 to determine the predominant races of P.

sojae in Ontario; to conduct greenhouse and field experiments to evaluate up to 100 soybean cultivars and germplasm released in Canada for their reactions to major P.

Staff at El Parian in Fresno, CA sprang into action when a woman gave birth unexpectedly.

Paramedics showed up in time to bring the baby to the hospital.

Identity-Preserved (IP) soybeans are a growing market for Ontario farmers.Admixture between groups with different ancestry profiles was pervasive and resulted in observable population transformation across almost all cultural transitions.Our results shed new light on the ways in which gene flow reshaped European populations throughout the Neolithic period and demonstrate the potential of time-series-based sampling and modelling approaches to elucidate multiple dimensions of historical population interactions.To learn more about the early history of humans in Europe, the researchers obtained and analyzed 180 DNA samples of people from early Hungary, Germany and Spain dating from between 6,000 and 2,200 BCE.They used data from the DNA analysis to create a mathematical model, which was used to build a simulation of population interactions in the areas of study.

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