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Expect some flowery prose about soulmates, honesty, or their God-fearing nature. As a side note, do not ever let some stranger question your humanity or guilt you into doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Is this person talking about traveling for work, their personal tragedy, or how they want to talk to you somewhere more private e.g. You do not need to prove your trust to him by giving him your password or demonstrate your generosity to her by lending her money for a bus ticket!

However, it can be difficult to really know who we are talking too online when you only have a username and four pictures to go on.

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And thanks to Dress Me Dearly, I've found a new gap, and it deserves all my attention.The picture will look old; either the quality will seem dated or *cringe* there will be pictures of pictures.Men might have non-ironic mustaches or puka shell necklaces and ladies will have out of date clothing and makeup choices.Technically, these are real pictures of the user, however it is a common complaint that upon meeting one user did not resemble the person from their profile.Without sounding totally gauche and asking them for a picture next to today’s paper, you can ask if they have any more recent pictures.

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