The tao of dating alex benzer

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If your intelligence makes you more able to hold an interesting conversation, or enjoy the nerdy things we like, or suggest a book we’ll love, then it makes you more attractive.

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While I don’t think he gets anything wrong, his piece is just pretty bland, uninteresting and superficial.

They want a man who is at least as well educated as they are, and who makes more money than they do.

Well, smart people tend to be well educated and make more money, so this narrows the fields down pretty quickly.

Writers have published this sentiment, but research does not support this idea." Tracy Cross, Competing with myths about the social and emotional development of gifted students As a wise person (Lao Tsu) once said, "Nothing is more difficult than competing with a myth." Doing so, however, can create tremendous opportunities for people. Gifted students should be with students their own age...

Divergent thinkers have a real preference for unusual, original and idiosyncratic responses.

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