Ancic dating

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Giuliana Rancic was Giuliani De Pandi and has confessed that she fell in love with Bill Rancic while watching him on the TV show The Apprentice.

She later met him on the sets of her show and they soon started dating.

Giuliana Rancic had one serious relationship before she married Bill and it was with actor Jerry O’ Connell .

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But now, he aims to break new records in the Law School library.

"I'll need a lot of time before I can watch top tennis in peace." In the months after his retirement, Ancic decided on a legal career in the United States.

He had enrolled in law school at the University of Split in Croatia in 2008 while he was sidelined with mono, but now he thrives in the Columbia University community in New York City.

Among his classmates, he’s known for holing up there before big assignments.

As he walked down the staircase, a classmate asked him, "How many hours (in the library) today?

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