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In day 3 and 4 the body begins to fight the virus and a blister will appear.But they re only effective if you use them as soon as you notice the early signs of a cold sore.According to the Herpes Viruses Association about six in ten people have type 1 by the time they are 25 and about one in ten carries type 2. These blisters contain virus particles which spread the virus. How do you prevent cold sores Cold sores are less likely if your immune system is in good shape.This not only prolongs the life of an existing cold sore, but can also create a new virus. Doing this will restart the cycle and make the cold sores last longer.14 from Holland & Barrett - this remedy is cost effective and natural for those who want to benefit from the healing and soothing properties found in the plant. Although most cold sores will disappear in a few days, if it s still there in fifteen or more days book an appointment with your GP cold sore dating. In most cases, it remains inactive until it is triggered at a later date.This makes it an ideal solution for cold sores and safe to use.

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If you have a weakened immune system because of chemotherapy or diabetes you can also book an appointment.

With dry lips the skin is prone to cracking, which allows infection.

Cold sore patches Cold sore patches are also available which are placed over the cold sore to hide the sore area while it heals.

Around day 4 or 5 the blisters burst, which leaves a shallow ulcer.

Whether it s before a big day out or just ahead of that important interview, they always seem to pop up at the worst possible time. Light treatment Electronic devices which treat cold sores with lights or lasers are sold at some pharmacies and online, however there haven t been many studies into these.

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