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Khasisi, from the Druze town of Daliyat al-Karmel, was beaten at the Ultra-Sound bar in Kibbutz Yagur on Thursday and taken to a hospital in Haifa.

Amir Khasisi, his cousin, spoke to Ynet and said his cousin was attacked after a group of fellow Jewish bar-goers called him “Arab” in a derogatory manner and told him that “you are not wanted here” after they overheard the cousins speaking Arabic – their mother tongue and an official language in Israel.

This was the fourth murder in Arab towns in one week after unknown armed men had shot dead three Palestinians in the towns of Jet and Tira a few days ago. itemid=70054 Two Palestinian shepherds arrested in South Hebron Hills [with photos] SOUTH HEBRON HILLS, Occupied Palestine (Operation Dove) 8 Feb — At about a.m.

four Palestinian shepherds were grazing their flocks on Khelly valley, in the South Hebron Hills area village of At-Tuwani, when the security chief of the Ma’on settlement arrived and called the Israeli army to prevent the shepherds from using land that is the object of settlement expansion. an Israeli Army jeep arrived in Khelly area and the soldiers started to run after the shepherds.

“A friend of my cousin was driving and Razi was sitting next to him.

A similar incident took place only a few weeks ago in Jerusalem, highlighting the risks of growing racism in Israel.Two weeks ago, Tommy Hassoun, another Druze who served in the IDF from Daliyat al-Karmel, was brutally attacked by a group of Jewish men in Jerusalem – reportedly after they heard him speaking Arabic. L-4624022,00Violence / Raids / Clashes / Suppression of protests / Arrests More peaceful protests quelled with violent dispersal; child kidnapped from Hebron IMEMC/Agencies 7 Feb — Several Palestinian and international activists were injured as Israeli forces dispersed peaceful marches in the occupied West Bank, on Saturday, according to activists and WAFA correspondents.He added that Israeli forces also tore down tents which activists set up in another neighborhood east of Jerusalem known as Umm al-Shakhalib.Activists, he said, are preparing to rebuild Gate to Jerusalem for a fifth time.

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