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''If you do not give to yourself, you will always hold others at emotional gunpoint.'' - David White ''If we do not know our familial history, we are most likely to repeat it.'' - John Bradshaw ''It is true that we do not or cannot change what we do not know about ourselves. But because the human brain is plastic and changeable, we are repairable.'' - Drs.Ron and Nancy Rockey Why not commit to processing and recovering from those emotions and learning how to build healthy relationships, if not for yourself or even your children or your sibling's or friend's children, if you are or will be helping to raise them, why not do it for your or your friend's grandchildren?

skip If you believe God exists, aren't angry at Him and think of Him in a positive way, or want to, or want to learn about Him and how much He loves you and cares about you, here are some quotes from the Bible and a favorite writer of mine that I hope will give you the encouragement and hope you're looking for and a new outlook on life.But if the secular section is more your style, or even if it isn't, I highly recommend getting the book by Dr.David Burns, ''Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy - The Clinically Proven Drug-free Treatment for [Mild] Depression[, Discouragement and Unhappiness].'' (cognitive behavioral therapy and how to apply it) (''The ten forms of cognitive distortion cause many, if not all, of your depressed states...What people need is not more money, but more time; not more expensive stuff, but more meaningful contact with one another.'' - John de Graaf, David Wann, Thomas H.Naylor Affluenza Documentary and Simple Living Resources For some, ''forgiveness is a journey.

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