Updating session variables

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F5 Big-IP LTM 11.4.1 HF7, APM The objective was to create an access policy that inspects client certificates for a specific certificate and grant access to resources based on that inspection.I created an access policy that consisted of: * Client OS rule - to ensure only i OS, Windows and Mac OS devices are granted access * Client Inspection rule - to ensure the device is presenting an approved certificate * Logging rule - to log the client certificate Common Name value presented * Message Box rule - to show the end user the client certificate Common Name value presented Because the default Client Inspection rule only checks whether the client certificate is 'valid' I updated the expression syntax to read: expr There is no issue with the Client OS rule however the Client Inspection rule fails.Assuming that evaluation passes, you should see all of your cert.* data in the sessiondump.By the way, you are getting prompted for a client certificate, yes?

I shall also be blogging about other possible use cases later this week. But what if we want to set these variables from a dashboard prompt.

This question keeps repeating so many times that i thought this in itself deserves a seperate blog entry. Now, as you see the session variable has a value of Test.

Now, go to Answers and create a report which will show the Session Variable.

Enter any value in the Edit Prompt and click on go.

You would notice that the Session Variable Value changes based on the value that was entered in the dashboard prompt.

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