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Batman located the Carson's lair and Robin freed Stephanie.

She insisted on getting her costume and going with him to bring down the rest of the gang--against Batman's objection.

Eventually, Stephanie realized she enjoyed being a superhero so much she continued on a regular basis.

Despite her help, both Robin and Batman try to dissuade her from future pursuits, though that does not stop her from patrolling the streets at night, mostly with Robin.

Every time her father escaped, Stephanie would don her costume and go out to stop him.

Stephanie Brown was created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle.

Steph went to the funeral, unaware that Robin was there (with his girlfriend) in his civilian identity.

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Later, Robin would leave for boarding school but he would eventually return when Stephanie gave birth.Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the C-list Batman villain, the Cluemaster, who spent most of Stephanie’s early childhood in jail, away from Gotham City.On return to the city she finds her father back to his old tricks, except he no longer feels the need to leave clues behind.The two form a relationship and eventually become romantically involved despite Stephanie being pregnant with her old boyfriend's child who had run away from Gotham after the earthquake.However, Robin was always there for Stephanie, even taking her to Lamaze classes under a false identity.

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