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Worked like a charm, more about it in the next step.

An android phone may fall out of use for a variety of reasons.

I have no reservations whatsover recommending this tool, some of you may have seen my old soldering station instructable, but this is waaaaaay better than that mess.It served me well for many years, but this is a definite upgrade.This one has a soldering iron, hot air gun, and a variable power supply, all of which I ended up using for this project.Maybe you just upgraded to the latest and greatest model, and held on to your old one. I'm a buy it used and avoid long term contracts kind of guy--I'm on pageplus and get my 4G from a router from Ting, which is a kludge of a way to do your phone service, but it keeps me out of expensive contracts that I have to stick with for years and years.Maybe it stopped working properly in some way, but wasn't totally ruined so you felt bad throwing it out. One of the downsides, however, is a total lack of warranty.

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