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Portions of the show have become part of the remix culture, and have formed the basis for a variety of internet memes.The show has ran for 169 episodes through seven seasons with an eighth scheduled for 2018..This pack replaces my previous expansion packs and also includes the most recent version of the core game.For the original game, 2 players.---------------This pack contains the following complete packs: The Core Pack - V1.1.5 (65 Ponies, 55 Ships, 41 Goals, 1 Start)Extra Credit - V1.0.1 (27 Ships, 26 Goals)Gracious Givers - V1.0.0 (12 Ponies, 3 Ships, 2 Goals)Indiegogo Expansion - V1.1.2 (42 Ponies, 5 Ships, 7 Goals)Ponyville University - V1.0.5 (21 Ponies, 26 Ships, 6 Goals)2014 Con Exclusives Pack - V1.0.0 (6 Ponies)2015 Con Exclusives Pack - V1.0.0 (5 Ponies, 1 Ship, 1 Start)2015 Workshops Pack - V1.0.0 (5 Ponies)The Adventure Pack - V1.0.0 (2 Ponies, 1 Goal)April Fools 2015 Pack - V1.0.0 (4 Ponies)Dungeon Delvers Pack - v1.0.0 (6 Ponies, 2 Ships, 1 Goal)Element of Tacos Pack - v1.0.0 (2 Ponies, 2 Ships, 1 Goal)Hearthswarming Pack - V1.0.0 (8 Ponies)So Long and Thanks Pack - V1.0.0 (1 Ship)The Box Expansion Pack - V1.0.0 (1 Ship)The Mean Six Pack - V1.0.0 (7 Ponies, 1 Ship, 1 Goal)Weeaboo Paradaisu Pack - V1.0.0 (2 Ponies, 3 Ships)This pack contains the following unfinished packs: Multiplicity Pack - V0.0.1 (10 Starts)Panels of Ponies Pack - V0.0.1 (21 Ponies, 12 Ships, 4 Goals)Power Gaming - V0.0.1 (23 Ponies, 19 Ships, 3 Shipbreakers, 7 Goals)Practically Canon - V0.0.1 (52 Goals)This pack also contains some assorted extra cards that are either single official releases or semi official cards that have been added to this pack.---------------Each pack is separate on the game table, allowing you to choose the packs you wish to use within your games.I'm not sure about the base game but there's a good chance that the majority of the cards in the indiegogo expansion are from real stories, i know mine was.Donate Bitcoins here: 1Cy Esxx2raq T6aqt Yk UJmky Xd Hnj Mg Df QD A lot have happened in the last few months!Hasbro selected animator Lauren Faust as the creative director and executive producer for the show.

Maintained by Hatsky Guy.---------------If you have any problems using this mod, let me know and I will do my best to help!We have got a lot of new recruits, we’ve had two big writer meetings and an artist meeting, and…well, we’re very much on our way to start making some real stuff, start making progress on the game!The series has become a major commercial success, becoming the most highly rated original production in the Hub Network's broadcast history and leading to new merchandising opportunities for Hasbro, including books, clothing, collectible trading cards, and comics.Despite the target demographic of young girls, Friendship Is Magic has also gained a large following of older viewers, mainly young and middle-aged men, who call themselves "bronies".

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