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), centers on the dissolution of a lesbian couple’s marriage, showing how differences in politics can slowly chip away at an otherwise happy union.

As Ally Mayfair-Richards, Sarah Paulson is typically breathtaking, teetering the fine line between powerfully outspoken feminist, and petty, oblivious millennial (she gave Jill Stein a protest vote) as she fights to bring justice to the leader of a neo-Nazi group using Trump’s win as ammo for inciting a revolution.

Of course, these two competing narratives eventually converge, and when they do, is far from perfect.

There are aspects of the movie that I still don’t wholly understand, but there’s no arguing with the fact that its gentle exploration of its central character, J, is truly beautiful.

Building off his realization in the third season finale that he “might be nothing” (not gay, but not straight either), season four found Todd openly accepting the label in a touching admission to the titular Bojack, joining an ace meetup group, and even accepting a date offer from another asexual person in this season’s finale — showing that, yes, asexual people date too. For one, it’s a typical trashy reality show, so if you aren’t into incessant bickering and deliberately stirred-up drama, well…

Then, it’s also a trashy reality show about summer life on Fire Island, a gay utopia where just about anything goes — from underwear parties to semi-public sex.

With her frankness as the documentary narrator, Gigi brought everyone into her world with a rare sense of honesty and a surprising willingness to scratch beneath the surface.

In a show defined by messy romantic relationships, Darryl and Josh’s stuck out for its ease.By the third season, the couple had started talking “next steps,” with Darryl wanting kids and Josh wanting to keep things as is — and though their different ideas of what would constitute a happy union in the coming years eventually lead to their breakup in the midseason finale, the love that they felt for each other is one of the show’s most deliberate expressions of what a healthy relationship looks like.excellently explored in its phenomenal fourth season.The show has only gotten better in the past 11 years, successfully updating a possibly trite formula for the new millennium. Plus, (You Tube Red)As a woman who transitioned in the public eye via her You Tube account, it’s true that Gigi Gorgeous had already told many parts of her story.Gone are the oversized cell-phones and Will’s thinly veiled insecurity about being perceived as a bottom; in their place are mentions of Grindr, Google Home, being “woke,” and naturally, life in a post-Trump world (Pussy hats! Yet, by giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of her makeup tutorials and back-to-back meet-and-greets, the out and proud lesbian managed to weave together a 90-minute story that, somehow, still felt fresh and necessary.

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