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As her rammed in he pulled her hair tight raising her head to look forward, in the back of the car she hadnt realized her mother had been placed on the back seat, beside her sat a teenager, he had ripped open her expensive blouse and was busy sucking on her mothers tits, her mother sat stony faced not even acknowledging her rapist.

The teenager then unzipped his jeans and forced Sarahs mums mouth onto his hard black young cock, shocked and scared Sarah watched as her beloved mother was made to suck like she was a whore, all the while the youth in the back had a hand on the back of her neck and his eyes fixed on Sarah watching him throat fuck her mother.

A few minutes passed and a youth who looked so young, it was way past his bed time, got to it Markie Steve commanded.

With that Little Markie climbed onto the bonnet of the car and began to suck and bite on Sarah's left breast, each suck/bite leaving little love bites.

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All onboard they set off arriving in good time for their table.A high five to his friends, then they all changed places, for her sister to start the hell of rape again.Sarah's thoughts were interrupted as she felt a mouth on her cunt, this boy, yes a boy was eating her xxx pussy, slowly from top to bottom, even sticking his tongue into her ass and rimming her, something Brian had never done.Clay the black boy had gotten the job, on the recommendation of a gang leader but with the task of scanning out the rich so the gang could rob them.The meal was lovely but Brian constantly moaned about the lack of service, Sarahs mother scowled at him through out, it was beginning to get on her nerves his constant complaining, a bottle of wine was shared as Brian was driving and the hairy girls didnt like to drink to much and with the two hours the meal took it was time to depart.

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