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More than 99 percent of our swimmers achieve the estab lished goals by the end of each semester of swim classes, building confidence and ensuring continuous advancement. Each semester, thousands of parents at each Emler location trust our award-winning swim school to give their kids the best possible start in swimming.

..more Our award-winning, semester-based, 20-level curriculum is built on more than 40 years of experience teaching kids and adults to swim safely.

And so that’s one of the best parts of the movie, that sense of style. In Austin, people are just so low-key there, and they love the arts, but they love it for the right reasons. There’s a youthful energy to Austin that kind of reinvigorates you and can throw you back to LA with the right sense of mind and purpose. I got to take them to Amy’s Ice Cream and then we went to Barton Springs and swam there and I got to take them to Threadgill’s after that. We should have rolled up in some muscle cars to Top Notch.

Hopefully we can bring back a little bit of that fun and a little bit of that color. Did you take them to Top Notch, the drive-in that was in ?

It’s so funny, when I auditioned for that, the description of the character was for a goateed man. I must have been 13 years old, and my voice sounded like Mickey Mouse. When Rick and I were breaking [down] the character, he’s like, “This should be a character that nobody has ever seen on screen before.” Finnegan is a jock but he’s also like a philosopher. Finn has really refined a very specific and very fun worldview.

He’s just accumulated all this wisdom where a lot of these guys have just been focused on baseball and girls.

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