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We have been advising that travel to Cuba should be postponed for 24 months.

We now think that a more realistic timetable is five or six years assuming new construction plans with ownership adjustments can be implemented by the current administration. ) Q – We are doing a Caribbean cruise that includes several days in Cuba.

A – Actually, business to Cuba is down significantly, Alaska Air says by 80% since the November 9th U. government decision to end the people-to-people program.

Given the sharp reduction in business, Alaska, along with several other operators, have cancelled or reduced their operations to Cuba.

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Do we just bring a bunch of singles, do we use local currency for best results? As Cuba is opening up, we think you should increase your coverage of questions related to this destination. If you found anyone willing to accept US dollars you would be totally ripped off. The strategy that is the simplest is bringing in Euros for your shopping and incidentals.Q – This is a bit out of your normal range of questions but wondering if you might help me with a recommendation on an issue of personal security.As I write this it looks like the US is moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem and I am headed to visit several parts of the middle east, including Iran, where protests could be an issue.Now, we have been notified that they are operating their last flight in January.We’re making other plans, but we’re wondering why they would pull out when the flights appeared to be going out full?

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