Threatening and intimidating behaviour radiometric dating diamonds

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One example which most motorists have experienced is where a burly chap driving in the lane next to you rolls down his window and, for a reason of which you may or may not be aware of and may or may not be at fault for, utters words to the effect that he is going to physically harm you.

Such behaviour falls within the definition of assault.

Should the Magistrate uphold the complaint, the person against whom the complaint was made will be made to give recognisance, even with financial sureties, for a period not exceeding 6 months that he will keep the peace towards the complainant and be ordered to refrain from such threatening behaviour or injury to the victim’s person or property.

Further, the Magistrate may order that the perpetrator pay the costs of the enquiry should the complaint have merit and be upheld.

The test for assault is subjective and, therefore, it is committed not only when force is applied to you (i.e.

to your person, not to your property), but also when you believe that a threat of immediate force is to be applied to you (accompanied by the belief that the perpetrator has the present ability to apply that harm to you).

As it is the complainant or witness’ legal right to give such evidence (in fact, there may be a legal duty on him or her to do so) the accused has committed the crime of intimidation.

If this is the case the matter must immediately be reported to the SAPS and, in the example used above, brought to the attention of the Prosecutor dealing with that matter.

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There is a wide array of incidents of actual or threatened acts of violence and other activity which is not discussed herein but which constitute various other crimes.

The writers, who practice criminal law and who provide assistance and advice in the laying of criminal charges and the defence of criminal charges, would be delighted to discuss those particular matters with you.

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