Updating ps3 via flash drive

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Maybe just try all the firmware for your self, I'm using the very latest one and I find it the best one so far.

At the end of the day your experiance with each firmware can only be decided by you trying them.

Often after this freezing episode it will come up with a warning saying Low System Memory. I'm honestly stuck and getting really frustrated – I'd heard that this was the best streaming player in it's price range and I really don't want to have to buy a new player if I don't have to.

Known problem that seems to occur if the unit is left on for an extended period.

Can i just use the version 1.16.13 which i found in this link that you posted – Or do i have to load the latest version 2.02.32.

Then roll back to version 1.16.13 (which seems to be a stable release). koaz yeah you should be able to just pick what ever version you want, you don't have to g to the latest version. f=23&t=8707 WDLXTV firmware for the Gen 2 model is brilliant, but there is still a learning curve and a lot of WDLXTV forum reading for the newbie.

Each of our computers on the network see the Seagate as either a media server or as a network drive (similar to network shares).

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Firmware 2.01.86 () and 1.16.13 (23-7-2013) have been stable.

So, only if there are features in the newest one that you really need would you go for it, otherwise as you said, go for the stable one Firmware 2.01.86 () and 1.16.13 (23-7-2013) have been stable.

I have never had any real issues with the firmware.

Also do these versions have all other previous updates when you install as well. Do have a look at the release notes for each version though because there may be features that were added in subsequent releases that you might want. It allows moviesheets, where the stock WD firmware doesn't for the Gen2.

Sorry for all these questions as am not that tech smart. Tasirith, I would have thought that if I download version 1.16.13 it would have all the other previous changes included and then all new changes.

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