Officers dating ncos

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Para 3-25 (A) What items are allowed by AR 600-20 to be mentioned on the NCOER if substantiated by a completed command or other official investigation (for example, CDR’s or commandant’s inquiry, AR 15–6 investigation, EO investigation, and/or investigations by official military or civil authorities)?

(2) A rated NCO is reduced to the rank of specialist or below, if minimum rating qualifications have been met.

A: NCOER Support Form New Updated AR 623-3 NCOER Board Questions Army Study Guide "New Army Study Guide" The "Most" up to Date Study guide and Best Questions.

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Submission and processing must be accomplished within a 6–month window81.Para 3-17 (A) Can Awards and/or special recognition received during the rating period be cited in evaluation comments (for example, “received the Humanitarian Service Medal” or “named the NCO of the Year”)?A: No; comments cannot be made if the NCO was speaking to any agency that is considered protected communications for example, communications to an Inspector General, member of Congress, a court-martial, or a member of the chain of command designated to receive protected communications90.Special care will be taken to ensure the specific bullet comments and/or narrative comments support appropriate “FAR EXCEEDED STANDARD”, “EXCEEDED STANDARD”, “MET STANDARD”, and “DID NOT MEET STANDARD” ratings in part IV of the NCOER (see DA Pam 623–3 for definitions)2.If the minimum rating period has been met, the senior rater will perform the rater’s function, but only if they feel qualified to rate and have served in the rating chain for 60 or more calendar days2.

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